Proofread this KP vine lace socks( stockings)

Hi all,

Anything sts in bracket is for stocking (i am making the stocking not the sock)

co 74 (86) sts join, do rib for 1 inch…

next round:
Needle 1 : (k1,p1) twice, place marker work vine lace pattern over (33(37)sts
Needle 2 : continue working vine lace pattern over next 32 (36) sts place marker, (p1,k1) twice, p1 …

VINE LACE (mult. of 4 sts plus 1)

i count the stitches… needle1 would have 37+4=41
needle 2 …36+4+1 =41

total only 82 sts ??? i cast on 86 for stocking… where is the rest of 4 sts goes ???

It could be that you’re making a mistake in the lace pattern, like not YOing to compensate for the decreases, or you may have dropped a stitch. Am I making sense?

no… look at the pattern …is wrong somewhere … it should be 86 sts in the end … the count in stitiches is wrong …

Hmmm, you’re right, I think the pattern is wrong. I would e-mail customer service and ask them about it.

Some lace patterns don’t have the same number of stitches in each row.