Promo coupons for Knitpicks?

I see in the check out part of knitpicks it mentions promo codes.
It says from special offers seen in an ad.

Has anyone ever seen one? In what magazine? It sure would be nice to get tax or shipping knocked off.

Some ads may have them, haven’t seen a code in years though. They don’t seem to be offering them anymore.

Darn, I was so hoping.

Thanks for answering.:slight_smile:

Watch for their clearance sales - usually late winter/early spring - and they have 40% off book sales twice a year.

i missed out on the last HUGE book sale and I’m all about shopping the clearance section.

Not nessecarily about KP, but the book sale reminded me of a really nice site:
or (same site:)


I did buy a book or two at the last book sale.

I was hoping to see a coupon tucked away in some magazine that offered free shipping or something of that nature.

As for clearance, love it. It’s the only way to shop.:happydance:

If you can spend $50, you get free shipping from KP all the time. I try to save up my money and my needs to make a qualifying order.

To make up an order for free shipping I ordered my options needles piece by piece with my yarn orders. But I have found that their shipping charges are very reasonable, unlike some other sites. I don’t think I have ever paid more than $4.00 for shipping