Promised throw

Hello everyone i hope someone can help me out!

I promised one of the girls i work with that i would knit her and her husband a throw as a housewarming gift :heart: and as i’m really only a beginner i was planning on using this free pattern for a “6 hour throw” from lion brand yarns:knitting: (will prob take 26 hrs!!)

I even bought 25mm (US size 10) needles on ebay (my bf calls them my novelty needles & thought they were a joke when he first saw them) but i almost fainted :shock: when i realised how much the postage to Ireland would be for the yarn and then i read a few reviews of lion homespun saying it felt VERY synthetic and irritated some people’s skin.

so…please can anyone help me with either a nice easy pattern or a substitute yarn to use or even tell me what works for you!

Many thanks for any replies my fellow Knit-knuts!! :hug:

You can usually change yarn as long as you keep the same weight, so in this case just holding 4 strands of any bulky weight yarn should work. As far as using acrylic yarn, it’s really just like any other kind, some people like it and others don’t.

To make sure I got what they would like I’d ask them… and ebay is a great place to buy yarn…

Thanks mamadawn…that was very quick!! :slight_smile:
I wish lion brand was available over here - so many colours!!!

btw… US10s are 6mm… 25mm are size 50s