Proliferating stitches?

I’m so glad I found this forum!

I picked up knitting needles one week ago and I’m teaching myself how to knit. I’m still in the practicing stages.

My question is this: As I was practicing my knit stitch, I noticed that with each row I was gaining stitches. My book says nothing about this. Where they are coming from and how do I avoid them?

In a related note, I bound off for the first time last night, now my piece is still attached to the skein of yarn. My book also does not cover what to do with the tails of yarn at the beginning and end of my piece. I think I need a new book.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Same thing happened to me when I first started. I think it’s something everyone does in the beginning.

The most likely reasons are that you are either creating unintended yarn overs or are knitting some stitches in the back instead of the front.

Go slow and pay close attention to how you’re making your knits, and be sure to have the working yarn in the correct position for the stitch. In back for knits and in front for purls.

Hope that makes sense.

Yes, Mason’s right. Just pay closer attention to each stitch you make. It’ll settle down in time.

And good for you for figuring out binding-off! Nicely done! That little tail that still is part of the ball? Cut it about 3-4" from your final stitch. Now do a k stitch in that last stitch with the 3-4" tail. Do another k stitch. And a third knit - but this time, instead of bringing the loop through onto your right-hand needle, bring the whole end of the tail through that final knit stitch. Now pull the tail firmly. This snugs down the other 2 knitted stitches and gives you a very nice, strong knot with a tail that can be woven back into your work.

Simple, really. Like doing a short chain in crochet, if that’s any help.


There’s a sticky thread about what to do about extra stitches