How many projects do you have on your needles?

lala I voted =D
I can’t wait to see the results

My either. :blooby:

You need to add 3-5! :slight_smile: I have 3. The two you see mentioned below and one lace scarf I really have to concentrate on…so it doesn’t see much work right now

I’m in the 3-5 category too.

Me too, but I picked the 2 option because one of my WIPs has pretty much been abandoned due to being boring. :teehee:

Only two for me. For now…

one for me but i clicked to as im starting a new one now or now ish tonight at the latest

3 for me but that is not an option

I’m another one in the 3-5 category. Right now I have 4 going - I like to have one “big & boring” like a sweater with expanses of st st; one challenging (currently the lace wrap project); a small “take & go” - usually dishcloths; and finally a “relaxing knit” for the end of tough days (currently the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf) that I don’t have to concentrate too hard on and can just unwind as I knit…

I’m a 2 at the moment. I try really hard to stay monogamous but sometimes I just can’t…If it get’s more than 2 then I generally end up with a UFO :frowning:

Three wasn’t an option so I didn’t answer the poll. :teehee:

Um… I finished up a few today, but I’m pretty sure the WIP count is still above 20… :aww:

I’d say I’m between 5 and 10–some just need a bit and some are awaiting cooler weater to sit in my lap. I’m actively working on 2, if that counts.

I have three… :slight_smile: But I would only have two if I didn’t already promise to make something for someone back when I was new and bad at kntiting… so it’s kind of sitting there and letting me scowl at it.

So it SHOULD be two :hair:

I’ve just got one since I’m knitting feverishly on a baby blanket to finish in time for a baby shower. There are about 10 things I [I]want[/I] to have OTN, though.

I’m the more than 10. :oops:

i think i have about 6 … but two are pairs of socks i need to frog and do-over (my gauge is off… they are too wide :frowning: )

Ive tried to add more to the poll but I don’t see how. I have another poll on my blog that I think I’ll post here. I think the results are interesting.

I have about five projects going on at once! Some need to be taken off…