Projects With No Purpose


That might sound like a depressing title, but it’s not! I just find that since I recently took up knitting, I knit and create something visually beautiful, but cannot be used for anything. (Like I started a cowl and the measurements were not right, but I kept knitting anyway, and finished it off with a crochet border, and now it’s a perfectly beautiful, visually pleasing rectangle I cannot do anything with). LOL. Tearing them out is an option…but I just can’t stand to destroy them. :slight_smile:


There are many people who like the process of knitting in itself. If you create something beautiful along the way, so much the better.
I suspect that even though your cowl may not fit the pattern measurements that you could still make it work but nevertheless, enjoy it.


You could give it to a friend or donate it to a women’s shelter. I find with things like hats I just enjoy making, but will never wear donating makes it all worthwhile.


There are ways to alter kntting garmets actually! If you don’t want to them away you should look into it. I used this class to learn most of what I know, and also made some up on the way. But I’m sure there are plenty of free resources out there :smiley:


Well I wasn’t going to, but I frogged it to reuse the yarn. I finished a slouchy hat. When I figure out how to upload a pic I will!


It really ended up being a beautiful rectangle that didn’t fit around my neck. I took pics for posterity. :slight_smile: and i reused the yarn rob finish a slouchy hat. Most of my work has been donated or given away. I love giving something away that I have made!


I agree. I like to knit, but have little use for many things living her in southern CA. lol


Ha, I bet! Well someone over here in the East would LOVE to receive your knitting! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great wall hanging.


Oh, yes, there are many things you can find useful in knitting, no matter where you live. Even in southern CA. yes, you can knit with wool – it is very insulating, meaning, it can be used to keep cool as well. And there is also cotton – a wonderful fibre in its own right.

You do have to wear clothes in southern CA, and knitting serves a purpose there too!


There are many things which I knitted in the beginning which weren’t directly useful, but which eventually did serve a purpose. I like to think of those pieces as “samplers”. I learned a lot from them – stitches, techniques, speed, etc. Everything can be a learning experience, if you let it.

But these rectangles can be pieced together to make up a blanket or a quilt top. Very practical! When you get many of these “samples”, put them to use. Or use them as a starting point for something else – add to them by picking up stitches along one edge, or all around, and keep on knitting! The colours or even the yarn weight don’t have to be the same! Be creative!

There is nothing wrong with ripping out your work. It can be therapeutic!! I know many women in poor countries that have only one ball of yarn. They knit it – and then rip it out and start again on something else, because they need to keep knitting. That is perfectly fine too. Some people like the finished item, some enjoy the process of knitting. Which are you? Either one is perfectly allowable.


I never even thought of it like that. I believe the entire process of knitting to be very therapeutic. I enjoy the process and trying different ways to knit. Thank you for your ideas, I can use started projects to piece them together, and see my progress with my knitting, it can be like a storyboard! Thank you!!


I knit mostly as therapy as I have ME and Fibromyalgia. I have a box of knitting with no particular purpose! I showed my mum and friend and they wanted to have some of the items… result. Nothing is without a purpose really. :grin: