Projects from Christmas Leave

Hi guys, hope you all had happy Holidays. Here are some things i made while home on leave. Make a whole bunch of ballbands that I gave for gifts. Best of all I got the K.P.O. set and really like using it.

Those are great!! I especially love the scarf and its color!!

Wow! I love that scarf! The dishcloths are so nice too!! I really like the ballband patterns!

I knitted a Irish Hiking Scarf out of almost the same color of yarn.

Everything looks great. :smiley:

My favorite is also the scarf, beautiful design and color!

Nice job! I know the dishcloths are always welcome, but I really love the scarf! :smiley:

Looks awesome, Ryan - you did a great job! A very productive leave, I would say!!! Are your hands tired?! :hug:

Very pretty. Love the scarf.

I love the scarf x

:yay: Great job!!

they all look great! I LOVE making Ball Bands-in fact I made one exactly like the second one in your set :teehee: -and that scarf is beautiful!

Welcome back! Great work. I especially love that scarf!

You had a very busy (and productive) leave. :slight_smile: Great stuff!!!

Very nice!

Those dishcloths are terrific looking, but I have to admit that I am in love with that scarf. :inlove: Nice work!

Everything looks great! I really like my Options, too.