Project idea

I was in a crafty store the other day and saw these knit pieces. I got a really good look at them and… my gosh! It dawned on me that they are just i-cords with ribbon yarn that are super long done on huge needles and can be used as a really skinny scarf, necklace style or belt.

Just thought I’d pass it along. I may make a few for Christmas gifts and maybe a raffle item. A long i-cord is certainly not proprietary information!

Aren’t they great?? I bought my youngest daughter one of those pink, plastic I-cord makers (we used to have wooden ones years ago). I have had waaaaay more fun than she has with it. I’ve used eyelash yarn to make scarves with the larger end and it’s fun to see what comes out!!


You can knit those on your fingers, too. It always takes me a minute to remember how to start, but after you get the first row it’s fast (and if you go on an airplane the TSA can’t take away your needles :teehee: )

Amen, Becky!

funny idea, thanks for sharing :wink:

Sounds like fun. When you large needles, how large?

Gosh, Cindy, I have no idea. Large enough to make it look like open work, I would say at least 2-3 sizes larger than the ribbon yarn recommends. I’ll get a skein and play with it.

I cannot picture what you’re talking about. Do you have a picture? or can you recommend a pic source?