Project for Rabbit's Family

Hi all.

I had originally posted about Rabbit in two forums and felt it would be best to begin ONE thread. Henceforth, I will post updates here.

We can post KnittinMitchie’s proposed Grannie Square KAL for Austin here too, if you want.

This will help keep things less confusing.

Thanks all!

Yes. Please post about the blanket squares KAL here. It will make things a little easier.

If you all want to do a a granny squares blanket I will be more than happy to seam and put the border on the blanket. If we agree to do the granny squares blanket lets use Caron Simply Soft or Caron Bright, both are worsted weight and EXTREMELY soft. I called the hospital to check on blanket materials and I know some one mentioned it, but the blanket need to be very soft and very easy to sterilize. This is why I chose the Caron yarns.

If you would like to contribute granny squares OR knitted squares you can do an 8 inch square. Here is one of the squares I’ve gotten done to give you an idea. I will be seaming and do the boarder in black. [B][COLOR=SeaGreen]I would like to have th squares no later than august 15th. so we can get the blanket to Rabbit by the end of august. [/COLOR][/B]

I had wanted to get in on the blanket for Mason’s mom, but when I checked out Auburn chicks blog it looked like I had missed out. I will definately be working on this one.
It looks like your green in your square is one that I have leftovers of. I don’t crochet, but I do knit. I will probably just do a basic square, maybe ribbing, eyelets?

I’d like to help with this too - I have some bright blue that might look good with what you have there - Is there any sort of edging that might help make it easier for you to stitch the squares together? I thought maybe slipping the first stitch? I’ll do whatever makes it easiest for you. - And thank you for offering to do this since it gives many of us an opportunity to help!

Can anyone point me to a basic granny sqaure pattern? I’ve made them before, but I lost that pattern.

Tho… somewhere i have a crochet book on granny sqaures… Hmm…

So Caron Simply Soft and Caron Bright?

I cannot say yay or nay, so please don’t count me in one way or another, but if I have the time I’ll try to make a couple.

Here is the Basic Granny square pattern that I use ALL the time. I used an I-9 (5.5mm) hook on the square I did and did 7 rounds to get an 8 inch square.

Thank you all!!! You’re so generous!!

I have a friend at work who is a pro at granny squares. I’m going to see if I can enlist her help for a few as well.

What a terrible ordeal to go through.Sending:hug: for the family.
Auburnchick could you send me the address for rabbit so I can send her something?


Just an update on funds…

I’ve already received $88.71, for an actual total of $86.66 (Paypal takes a small amount if you send it as payment instead of gift, I think).

Thank you!!!

I’m going to find out if I can replenish her prepaid phone online. If not, I’ll go ahead and purchase a card for her. I’ll let you know.


On the blanket squares I am looking for about 20 or so to do a 4x5 grid. That way the blanket will roughly be 32 in x 40 in.

The squares can be knit OR crochet which ever you can/want to do is fine.

Thank-you in advance to everyone for doing squares. I know rabbit & her family will appreciate it and be ecstatic to see all of our creative work.

PM me for my address. you can put squares as the subject.

:yay: I made my first Granny square tonight…but it’s to big…so I’ll try again tomorrow…I had mom on the phone walking me through it :teehee:

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received almost $200 in donations. Wowsa! Thank you so much!!!


Right now I have the following down for squares:

If I missed anyone let me know.

You can expect at least two squares from me.

Thanks for doing this! Gail

I have been told I have too much to do to add another project… Which is true, just not the greatest.
I cannot join this KAL, but I will be praying for Rabbit and her family and everyone working on this KAL/CAL.

Tropic, your prayers will mean a lot to Rabbit. Thank you so much!

I wanted to let y’all know that I’ve received over $300 in donations! There is more money on the way too!

I am floored! The response has simply been incredible.

Thank you!


I finally got an 8" square :rofl: …the other 2 under it are two big but the one on top is right on (with a blue center)…I’ll try another one tonight…

:woot: Auburnchick, that is wonderful!!

GREAT job, Dustina!!! :cheering:

I pm’d you - I’m getting to work on a knit square today.