Project for daughter?

My little girl is 4 and she wants me to knit her something, she has become fascinated with knitting since I started, and I promised her I would knit her something. I thought about a hat, but it is still so hot, so maybe a purse or something?? Any ideas…keep in mind I am a beginner :lol:

So far my niece has been a big fan of the following items :

cotton wash cloth or wash mitt for bath time

long scarf with fun fur to play dress-up (knit on big needles they are super quick)

blanket for a doll

hat for a doll

use cotton and make a floppy summer hat for her

I’ve just tried this pattern for a little kitty cat - [COLOR=#d11010][/COLOR]

It was quite easy :mrgreen:

Here’s mine -

Whatever it is, think cheap and quick. It hurts less when the little ones decide they don’t like it. :teehee:

Barbie or baby doll clothes. I have a roll of Caron Simply soft in pink and DD wants a blanket for Barbie’s bed.