Project for Ben - Rabbit's Younger Son / The Squares are Being Seamed Together!

I would love to make a square or two as well. Could someone post a link to the pattern that was used so I can see if it’s something I can do?
Everyone here is so inspiring. You restore one’s faith in humanity!

Auburn, Mitchie and Rabbit…Sorry this is a group note, but been very busy…I have been thinking of Ben today when I was in the card shop and I said to myself I think Ben needs a little TLC too and I pickup a card for him and it will go off in the mail tomorrow…I will do one square too for Ben using the same color of yarn I did for Austin. I am sure the little guy is hurting to in his own way…We all have a lot of love to give and Ben is also sharing a lot of pain…Count on grandma to do a square…When is the date line for this blanket? Love to you all. Grandma:hug: :muah: :heart:

Mitchie…pm me with your address

Rabbit…give Ben a big hug from Grandma

Aw, I wish I could help out with Ben’s blanket, but yarn is so scarce here it is virtually impossible to get ANY kind, let alone specific colours or makes. :shrug: Also, post takes so long to get there from here, I would probably never be able to make the cut-off date. Oh well, I will have to think of something else …:present:
Does anyone know of the superhero “Ben10”? I had never heard of him, but some expats here were talking about how their sons love him … maybe you could find something Ben10 related???
And lotsa love to Mommy and Daddy who need to keep their strength up too! :hug: :hug:

oh oh count me in! Kudos to both Auburnchick (and good luck on the iPod hunt) and 'Mitchie stepping up to the seaming plate.

Hugs to Ben, Rabbit.

you cna do what ever you would like for the 8 inch square. I used a dish cloth pattern and just used acrylic yarn.

hehe I took the “easy” route. Plus I’ll do another ABC block like I did on Austin’s Blanket this time it will be a B for BEn. ROLF an then Rabbit can tell them apart too.

Is there a deadline? I’m in for squares, but I will only be able to get yarn around mid-september,… if that’s not too late, I’d like to crochet one or two squares … or more,…

Well as of the moment there is no deadline Auburn what sounds good for a deadline? Also please feel free to make as many squares as you would like. I we get more than 30 that’s awsome. And of course I will be making 2 myself as well as seaming the whole blanket.

Ben likes the color green just in case anyone was wondering.

Awesome!! I was thinking about a “B” for his but since you’re gonna do it I can do these:,
Thanks to everyone who is knitting squares - Ben will be so happy to have his own knitted blanket. :grphug:

I DO think we need a deadline…that way it gets done.

[B][COLOR=SeaGreen]Mitchie, how long did you give everyone for Austin’s blanket?[/COLOR][/B]

I think if we follow the same time frame, we should be good.

i cant do mine for about 2 weeks as i have no stash yarn tats the right colour right now tats not wool or wool blend so no good.

i spoke to my lys today and have arranged to go and see her next week so i can pick up some yarn then. as soon as i have it i’ll get started :slight_smile:

okay lets say all squares post marked by September 30th. If you run into any problems please notify me or auburnchick.

that will eave me only a few days to get things done by allowing time to get it to you. it can take 2 weeks to post to america from france. i will probably be able to get it done anyway.

i have no worst weight at all left, i used the last last night on an austin bear.

with that time scale dont count on mine being there, but i will do my best to get them tehre by then, but as it could take 2 weeks to get to you in america it may be a hard one not being able to get hold of the yarn until the earliest next weekend.

i can but do my best.

As long as you get your squares mailed no later than September 30th that is fine I know mail can take 1-2 weeks coming from Europe. It will take me a good 2 weeks to work the layout, seam, and border the blanket.

If you need more blocks I can make another one too…I have some green caron in my closet :yay:


Would it be easier if I sent you a skein of yarn? I don’t know if you would be able to get started quicker.

i have e mailed my lys to see if she could post me some, it will take about 3/4 days tops to get to me (its crazy as she’s 10 mins down the road, but no car means no going there). i know her yarns great as she brouight the lot to my house to see/feel. and its acrylic which is ever better.

thanks natalie for the lovley offer, but hopefully it should be ok. once i told th elady what it was for she bent over backwards to help (shes a granny and its a there by the grace of god kinda thing isnt it as things like this could happen to anyone).

thank you though :slight_smile:

Must it be all green? I have a nice green/blue mix that I could make a square with.

Oh, no, you certainly don’t have to use green. Please feel free to use whatever color you want.