Project for Ben - Rabbit's Younger Son / The Squares are Being Seamed Together!

Hey folks!

The last couple of times I’ve talked to Rabbit, I’ve grown more and more concerned about her younger son, Ben.

Ben is starting to feel left out, as any 8 year old would, given the circumstances.

I would like to see if we can gather forces, once again, to do something nice for him.

I’m totally open to ideas.

One thing I will say is that he absolutely LOVES Austin’s blanket. I’m hesitant to suggest another blanket, but if there was enough interest, I think it would be terrific!

Other ideas? I am totally willing to do whatever legwork necessary.

Thanks all!


Count me in whatever you decide to do. I have been following the threads & am planning to start Austin the Bear as soon as my prayer shawl is done. I think Ben is a hero for getting the hose! Maybe we could make something for him in a super-hero theme?

I think doing something for Ben is a great idea. I had originally sent a fleece blanket from the Linus Projust for Austin and I would be more than happy to send one for Ben. I am not great at making granny squares though I would be more than happy to make a couple if someone is willing to seam another blanket.
Are there books or other things he would like if we tried to make a care package ? Do we know if he likes to draw, do puzzles, or play with action figures - things that he could play with at the hosp ? Seems like in some of the posts it sounds like he is really into Rabbit’s knitting and her yarn…is there a yarn craft kit that could be sent to him?

Ben does like superheroes, as well as the typical stuff that boys his age enjoy.

While he enjoys knitting, I’m sure it’s not his primary focus, as one would expect for a child that age (although to be interested is unusual in and of itself).

I’m thinking that once Austin started receiving the postcards and the blanket, he started really feeling left out. So I wonder if something more personal would be the way to go.

I’ve thought about walking through Hobby Lobby and picking out some different crafts…maybe wrapping them up individually for him to open on different days.


I don’t have any ideas at the moment, but whatever is decided, you can count me in!

Awww - you guys :grphug: :muah: :grphug:
As Chick said it really started after the 26 post cards in one day. I do have to say that LuLu2 did send a post card that was just for Ben along with Austin’s. I have also pointed out to Ben that he has received some things from people here too. I expect a lot from my kids & at first was really upset about Ben’s attitude but then I had to stop & remember that he is only 8 even though most of the time he acts much older. Some of the things he has said recently really remind me of the brother on the show Everybody Loves Raymond. He doesn’t whine or pitch fits - he just every so often makes a remark about Austin being more important than him.

:muah: For only being 8, I’m suprised he wasn’t acting that way a bit sooner, what a great kid! Count me in for whatever is needed

I can understand how Ben must feel. If he is crafty I think your idea of a few things from Hobby Lobby is great Nathalie. I will see what ideas you all come up with.

Give him a hug from me, provided he’ll put up with it, would you? It’s perfectly normal to feel the way he does. Remind him that it isn’t that Austin is more important, only that he really needs the attention right now, and it’s okay for Ben to feel left out or ignored, and we’ll try to do something about that :slight_smile:
I’d like to help with the blanket. Things were so chaotic around here all summer that I couldn’t offer before. (Now all we have to do is keep from getting flooded out by either or both hurricanes, but Ohio’s always in the path no matter where they hit!)

I’m game for another blanket and will do all of the work sewing again if anyone is game. I had BLAST doing Austin’s blanket and when we sent Austin his magnadoodle lil’ Mitchie picked out some yarn for Ben.

I can understand Ben feeling how he does. Its sort of like when a new baby is brought home from the hospital and everyone is SO into the baby.

So if we want to do blanket #2 I’m all for that and Ben likes the color green. :slight_smile: Just let me know what we decide one.

Y’all are so tremendously wonderful! Thank you!


What say we do like with the blanket for Austin…

Perhaps we could aim for 30 squares…follow the same guidelines as for the previous blanket? It seemed a good size for Austin.

I would still like to pick up a couple of things from Hobby Lobby.

If anyone wants to help with the blanket, contact either Knittinmitchie or me.

If you would like to send Ben a card (or anything else), please let me know. I’ll give you the address for the hospital. He’s been with his mom during most of Austin’s hospital stay.

We could also, if anyone is interested, send some sort of arrangement to Ben, using the same company I used for the other two deliveries. I’ve used [B]Adrian Durban Florist[/B], and they’ve been FANTASTIC! I have coupons that they sent me, so that would take off a few $$ from the price. I am out of money, spending every penny on Austin’s items and the minutes for Christina’s phone.

Ok…those are my random thoughts…

Whatcha think??

Count me in for a square or two! Mitchie - are we going with Caron SS again? I have several shades of green in that. I’m sure Ben will love his blanket every bit as much as Austin loves his. You guys are awesome!!:grphug: :grphug:

im in as well as long as i can get hold of the yarn needed. what type of yarn did everyone use last time (i have a head like a sive lol).

if i can get hold of it i’ll definatly do it as well

christina, i’m amazed that ben didnt act up earlier, he must feel like the world revolves around austin right now. poor love.

:cheering:Please count me in!! :muah: I’d love to do a square for Ben’s blanket .

If you all want to do a square for Ben’s blanket I will be more than happy to seam and put the border on the blanket. Lets use Caron Simply Soft or Caron Bright, or any machine washable worsted weight yarn. Please avoid 100% cotton yarn in you can.

Cotton is so much harder to seam and it does not play well with the other yarn. Any acrylic/acrylic blend is a good yarn choice for a blanket that may need some TLC via the washer.

Remember Rabbit is one busy gal and doesn’t have the time to hand was a 40 inch by 48 inch blanket by hand.

If you would like to contribute granny squares OR knitted squares you can do an 8 inch square please PM me OR Auburnchick for the address or with any question. All squares will be coming to me. For those of you who knitted for Austin’s blanket the address is still the same we haven’t moved…YET.

Mitchie, have I told you lately that YOU ROCK?


As do all of the members here. This truly is the friendliest place on the internet.


My crocheting friend at work will be joining our efforts again. :cheering:

BTW, I’m hunting for an iPod for Ben. The other IT person in my office has a sister-in-law who works for Apple. He’s going to call her and ask about them donating one. We’ll see. Crossed Fingers

Auburn have I told you that YOU ROCK!!!

Good luck on the iPod.

I’d be happy to make a square or two for Ben! :slight_smile:

I would love to make one, too.:slight_smile:

Prayers & hugs to Rabbit & her family.

I think this is a great idea! What can we do to help?