Project Catalog How-To's

How do you keep track of the knitting projects you’ve made?

I think I want to keep track of the following:
Yarn sample & yarn care info
Picture of completed project
Date started & completed

What other things should I track? All ideals helpful.

Thanks, Ruth

Some people use notebooks, but personally I use Ravelry. You can click my link to see my projects. Some people keep extensive notes, but I tend too write a few only. I’ve found having the yarn and needle size info invaluable.

If you’re wanting a record in case you’d make the same item again, I’d add the following to your list:
[li]Needle size(s); and if it makes a difference to your knitting, what type
[/li][li]Gauge you achieved
[/li][li]What size you made
[/li][li]Any notes on modifications you make
[/li][li]How much yarn you used
[/li][li]Whether or not you liked the pattern, what you’d change if you’d do it again, etc.

Otherwise, what you’ve listed would work fine for a historical record and to remind you how to wash the item.

And I’m with Jan. I use Ravelry. I tend to add notes for myself to remind me just what I might have actually done to make it fit properly, etc. And on big projects in a kind of diary format because it lets me see just why/what made it take so long. And I read everyone else’s notes before I start a pattern to see what kind of common modifications get made so I can consider that in planning for my project.

Thanks Jan, I just cked out your link and that is great. What I really like is that I could access anywhere and would not need to carry a notebook around when we travel.

I might keep a yarn sample and label file however. Or at least until I know more about the yarns .

Thanks Lewister, Good ideals. I already track changes to my recipes so I’ll adapt that practice to my knitting.

You could keep a separate file, but you could also keep that info on Ravelry. I have been knitting awhile though so I’m more familiar. And yes, it’s great too access when you’re not at home. I was at knitting group tonight and looked up my zebra to find what yarn I’d used. :thumbsup: