Project bags

In Wichita yesterday, seeing the Harlot (who was awesome) I saw several knitters with little drawstring project bags. They had round, flat bottoms and drawstring tops and were exactly right for holding a sock. It looked like they were made of some sort of fine, mesh fabric.

I’ve tried searching online, but i guess I can’t come up with the right words. I’d like to buy one, or six. :teehee:

If you’ve got one, or something similar can you please post a link here to where it came from? :muah:

knitpicks has several options here.
if you’d like something unique and extremely functional, several sellers on etsy have them. just do a search for sock yarn. a lot of the sellers that come up will have both. i would list the links, but that would probably take a really long while. i declare. everytime i come to KH, my etsy favorites folder grows. :eyes:

I finally got tired of trying to find one in the right fabric, so I ended up making my own. I used the tutorial here : .

It turned out great…here is mine. (I wish I had more fabric choices up here that didn’t involve online ordering.)

Great job on the sock bag chronicles! I have considered making my own, I have made all of my own stash bags, but I haven’t gotten into the drawstring part yet. Was that hard to do?
And the knitpicks sock bags are everywhere, I just wish they had more patterns.
You can also search etsy and amazon, a lot of people are making sock bags and selling them as sets either with or without the sock making stuff.

Lantern Moon has some silk bags that are small in size and will hold a sock and the yarn. I apologize, I can’t seem to find any on the net right now. I got one from my LYS…but I have seen them on many websites. Perhaps I will GOOGLE it next.

I found it! Here is a link!

I love the GoKnit pouches! There are a lot of other nice ones on etsy too. But the GoKnit ones are nice because the nylon doesn’t catch the yarn at all, while fabric can be clingy.

Your bag is beautiful! I wish I could sew. The sewing gene in my family seems to have skipped me.

Thanks, all! It was probably the GoKnit pouches that I was seeing. I found a small drawstring cosmetic bag at Target today that fits a single sock project beautifully. I’m leaving for WI Thursday and needed something that I could carry and knit from without my ball of yarn rolling around the floor of the plane. This will work for now and maybe I can convince DH to get me a GoKnit pouch for Christmas.

I love my GoKnit bag, and I also bought a little monkey one that is holding my barely begun Monkey Socks. I had to go online to find a store that carried the GoKnit pouches. It will tell you at KnowKnits, where you can find them. samm