Progress on the Baby Blanket

I"m knitting the Debbie Bliss Alphabet blocks baby blanket - so cute. I got the border done first, and picked up stitches to start the body. About 4 inches into it, I noticed that I had the body inside out to the border…eek. So, I had my own trip to the frog pond. I looked at it for quite awhile trying to decide if it was that noticeable that the border was inside-out.:roflhard:

Then…I decided to try adding a lifeline just in case. All went well, but when I removed the lifeline, that row of stitches was pretty bulgy. I think it will block out ok though.

NOW, after each purl row, I do a complete inspection of everything, and fix it right then. It’s working great. I’ll post a picture when finished. I’m not so fast at this.

Can’t wait to see it!

HI Lori,
I love Debbie Bliss and her patterns,but mostly the Baby Cashmerino, I don’t know if you saw the purple baby set I posted the other day, but that was made with it. What yarn are you using?
I can’t wait to see your blanket! I’ve been thinking about making this blanket.
How old are your grandchildren? Mine are 12,5,2and a half and 12 weeks…

It sounds beautiful! Can’t wait to see it. Glad you realized the boo boo early!

Thanks for the post, Jen. I made this blanket once already using Bernat Softee Baby, but this time I’m using Lion Brand WoolEase. The Bernat was too soft, and didn’t hold its shape enough to let the alphabet designs stand out. The WoolEase is denser, and has more body, and gives a better look for this pattern.

My grandkids are 3, 18 months, and 9 months.