Progress bars

where do you guys get those cute little progress bars for your WIPs and other things going on, like anniversaries and such?

thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’d like the progress bars for the web I found a link to this on CindyH’s blog

I think the other time trackers come from but I’m not sure - I haven’t used them myself.

I hope these help!

thanks Sara! I just ordered yarn not 10 minutes ago for Cozy! how is yours going?

It is going…slowly but it is going! I’ve got about 43" done now, out of the 67". I’m enjoying the pattern, but it is quite long! I’ve been really good about weaving in the ends (there are so many!). I hope to finish it by this weekend!

This is picture when it was at about 36".

You should come join us on the blog ring (last link in my signature) - it would be great to add your blog in the mix!

don’t know how i missed a KH Blogger ring! i’m all signed up, although i stink at writing that description thing, FYI. :wink:

is there a button for it or do we just leave it with the big title?

your cozy is coming out gorgeous! can’t wait to start mine! I ordered KP Andean Silk for it in Cinnamon and got 6 balls of sale sock yarn WOO HOO! :slight_smile:

There are two buttons here that you can save to your own server. Some people have buttons, others just keep the table! The code on your blog checked out so I’ve moved you up into the ring! Happy blogging!

That yarn for Cozy sounds yummy!! And I too couldn’t pass up the on-sale sock yarn! I’m hoping to find some serious knitting time to finish Cozy - I love doing it, but I need a quick satisfying project (for me!!).

:smiley: Your cozy, is lovely!! I had started one, but didn’t care for the yarn & frogged it…I think I want to do one with bamboo yarn :smiley:

oh, i bet cozy would be FABULOUS in karaoke!

Another tutorial for progress bars: