Process of sock pattern help

This is my first attempt knitting a sock, so I don’t actually know what I should do now that I’ve finished the main “foot” part of the sock and the next step is “inner ankle”. I know that typically you do the heel separate from the rest of the sock, but I just want to be clear what I’m supposed to do… Do I keep knitting on the top half of the sock and leave the bottom half on a needle while adding stitches to make a new edge at the ‘top’ of the heel? are there maybe any good videos to show the general template it takes to make a sock, or maybe is this pattern different from most socks since it’s got a unique heel?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I would suggest you use an easier pattern for a first time attempt. This sock seems, on the surface haven’t dug deep into the pattern, to be complicated. I consider myself to be a fairly sufficient knitter and I wouldn’t even attempt it. I wonder about those seams. I think they would rub against your skin and the inside of the shoe and be very uncomfortable. This isn’t standard sock construction. You may want to get some experience with a few pair of socks with traditional patterns before you do something a bit off the wall like that pattern.

Compare that pattern to this simple basic sock pattern and see the smooth lines. Socks have smooth lines for comfort when you’re going to be wearing them all day long.

I appreciate your input but I’m really determined to do these socks. I certainly don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so if it seems like anyone who knows about these socks would take too long to explain to a newbie, I can understand, but I would like to state that I am still looking for an answer to my question, since I’m going to keep trying until I make sommat at least somewhat like these pretty socks.

Nontheless, thank you for taking the time to reply to me, PJs. I really appreciate it.

I’m going to recommend you write a member of this forum named auburnchick, she has made these. Here’s the forum link, there may be some how tos in it:

They are nifty looking and I wish you luck on them. After reading the directions my eyes crossed. :wink:

Although determination is terrific (I’m still alive because of it), you may not be familiar with Knitty’s rating system. “[B]Piquant[/B]” is their term for “this is a typical pattern from our most difficult classification. If you aren’t already experienced knitting this type of garment, think again.”

To me, that would mean, “Make a practice sock (not PAIR of socks necessarily) from a simple pattern and learn how socks go together first. If it then makes sense, go for it.”

Best wishes.


You’ve gotten yourself up to the inner ankle directions thus far. For me, this is a “leap of faith” kind of pattern. I’m not precisely sure where I am, but I’m going to continue with the instructions and see where I come out. You’re up to the inner ankle and haven’t gotten to the heel quite yet. If you have your markers in the correct position, you should be fine to continue. Follow the instructions which seem well written and see what happens up to the heel.
It looks like lots of fun to knit and the result is a beautiful sock. The second sock will still be exciting but you’ll have the first one as a guide to know where you are. Post a picture of the finished pair if you’d like!