Problems with the first stitch after finishing one row!

Hi! I’m just beginning to knit and im facing some problems whenever i begin my first stich of any row, even from the row i just casted on and ready to do the first stitch. When i stick my right needle from the front to the back of the left needle and loop the yarn around the right needle from back to front and try to “peek through the window” (as in go through the new loop) it forms something like a X so im not sure if it’s right cos it apparently gives me extra stitches later on or something?
Please tell me what im doing wrong :XX:
Thanks in advance!!


When you say you’re inserting your needle from front to back, I’m taking that to mean that you’re inserting it from right to left. If you are, then you’re putting your needle in as if you’re going to purl. If the yarn is coming from the back, your yarn is coming over the needle and will make an extra stitch.

For knit stitch, your needle should go in from left to right into that first stitch.