Problems with stuffing


I’m trying to knit a stuffed teddy bear, and I’m not having any problems with the pattern. However, is there anything that can be done so that the white stuffing doesn’t show through? Someone on a different forum suggested some kind of lining, but I can’t remember what they said about it. I’m a tight knitter as it is and I really don’t want to knit with smaller needles - smaller than what the pattern calls for.

Any ideas? Or any general advice about making stuffed animals/toys? This is my first project like this.


If you don’t want to knit tighter then I think lining is the only answer, but maybe others know. :shrug:

Try stuffing it with matching yarn! That way it won’t be visible! :slight_smile: I hope that helps!

Excellent idea! :thumbsup:

The yarn is a good idea. Otherwise…how do you stuff it with a lining? What should you use…how do you do it, etc? I’ve never done this before!

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Scrap yarn from your project(s)! Stuff it in and stitch it up with a yarn weaver thing! :thumbsup:If you have more questions PM me!:blooby:

Questions are best answered here in the forum so the answers can help other people. :wink:

I believe you can just stuff it with yarn, but I haven’t done it. As for lining…I haven’t done that either. :think:

Buy CHEAP pantyhose the color of your bear and kind of line the pieces with the pantyhose and stuff away.:teehee:

Yes…that was my suggestion on earlier blog…use dark pantyhose as the lining…stuff that. At least this is better than using your yarn stash tho that may be a preference :slight_smile:

Pantyhose! What a great idea!

I’ve never heard of the pantyhose idea before!