Problems with pattern when decreasing front edge

Hi, can anyone one help, I’m a new lockdown knitter and want to advance myself. Finding a pattern a little confusing.
I have to start decreasing from Cable panel 1 (I’m doing 4th size)
I assume the cable panels have to always be 12sts so when doing the next row do I do less in my K or Ps? When I did that I found my bobbles weren’t in a row
Does that make sense?

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What is the name of your pattern and the designer or source?
You’re going to decrease at the front edge (usually one stitch in from the edge but follow the “as before” directions). If you run out of sts to decrease before the cable panel, then start decreasing the cable panel.
You want to make sure that the cable panel stays aligned. You won’t be able to follow the precise directions because you have to account for the decreased sts. The easiest way to do this is to look at your pattern in the previous rows and make sure that the pattern and certainly the cable panel maintains the knit and purl columns and the line of the bobbles.

Thank you.
It’s UKHKA110

So it’s says to decrease as before because I did a PSSO in 1st Row?

Maybe a knit 1, slip 1, psso. Sure, you can use that.
It looks like the decreases will affect the cables and bobbles up at the neckline. Work as much of the cable panel as you can until there aren’t enough sts but maintain the alignment.
Darling sweater.