Problems with long tail cast on + circular knitting

I’m a new knitter and have just started to use dpns. I finished working on my first sock this weekend and have noticed that my last cast on stitch is too loose after I try to knit it in the first row. I used the long tail method. I’ve also noticed this problem when I used circular needles, but didn’t think much of it because I sewed that part closed to make a purse.
But now that I’m knitting socks, it’s going to be a problem. Does anyone have an ideas on how I could fix this, or perhaps what I’m doing wrong? Maybe I should use a different cast on method? Thanks.

you could use the tail to stitch it close when you weave it in.

I also aways swap the last stitch cast on with the first stitch cast on and that usually tightens them up nicely for me. it is a little tricky to do on DPNs but it can be done. I also sometimes cast on one extra stitch and then knit the last one and first one together.

hope something there helps! :thumbsup:

When you say ‘last’ stitch you mean the chronologically last right? If so, then pulling on the wool very tightly when you knit the first few stitches after that should pull the stitch tight. If you are really bothered by it, I suppose you could use a smaller DPN as the first needle.