Problems with loading KH forum

Is it just me? Sometimes won’t load at all, other times it does but the forum won’t open, sometimes the forum tab at the top doesn’t work but lower down the page the button to the forum below does. I’ve been having problems like this for probably a couple of weeks or more.

This is my third or fourth attempt to post this. I get the timed out error message. Here’s hoping it works this time.

I too have noticed it. It happens sometimes but the problem has always been solved within one day. I have bookmarked the forum itself ( so I do not need to press on any forum tab, but even the forum sometimes got problem (the “Oops” message).

I had the forum bookmarked and couldn’t get in that way so tried going through the main page. This was moved to the Lounge and I’m not complaining because I posted where and when I could, but maybe the mod who moved it knows more? I’m getting very frustrated. I’d like some idea if the problem will be fully resolved.

I’m having the same problem. I had to turn off my device and restart to be able to go into the forum section.

I am not a moderator but I am the culprit that moved your thread to the Lounge :grinning:. Anyone that has gained regular trust level (by fulfilling the requirements mentioned here: is able to move posts, so you do not need to be a moderator for it.

I do not know the people behind this site but hopefully someone with more knowledge is able to answer your questions regarding this problem.

I haven’t noticed any issues. What browser and device are you using?

I’m on my laptop and trying a different browser doesn’t help, neither Firefox nor Opera gave a different result. It’s a problem with the site itself. I kept getting a message about that when I tried to load the site or if I managed that to log in. Closing the browser and restarting didn’t help, I had to do both after an OS update to my Ubuntu. If it continues I’ll stop frequenting the site again and maybe check in at some point in the future. That makes me sad. I knew how to knit and purl, sloppily, and thanks to this site became a knitter.

Amy, one of the site founders, is a very, very good (probably a true expert) knitter. She may well have put up the first how to knit videos. Finding a knitting site owned by an actual knitter is amazing! The owners are good people. I didn’t know that anyone could move a thread. Thanks for the info. I think that years ago this would have been allowed in General Knitting but wherever it is, it’s good.

About half an hour ago I tried to post the above and got the attached. I’m trying again.

Today I checked out the main site and found a mail address to those maintaining this site. I mailed them in case they would not be aware themselves about these problems. I do not know if it is a coincidence, but now later today the forum seems to work again.

I finally was able to get in here again. So far, so good. Time will tell if it continues.

Amy and Sheldon, site owners, are good people. Amy is an amazing knitter and may well have uploaded the first learn to knit videos. This site has a special place in my heart. I learned to do more than messy knit and purl stitches thanks to Knitting Help. My first real project was a hooded raglan cardigan with pockets for my grandson, at his request, and I got the help I needed here. Hopefully my knitting has improved since then.

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With the Discourse forum software the “sub-forums” are actually just categories. As all categories are shown by default, it does not affect the visibility by “moving” (actually changing category) of a thread. But later, if anyone really want to filter by category, I think it helps if they are right.

I do not mean anything evil by sorting threads and it is maybe a crazy side of me, but I think it is better if we can make it easier for people to find certain posts later.

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Evil? Where’s the evil? lol Sorting things into categories is often helpful. I don’t care where it ends up.


Bit late to the party here but I’ve also had problems getting on, I did find that if I change to a different device I can get in like normal. My (admittedly very old) PC won’t load the site but my phone and tablet do.