Problems with KP Options Needles?

I was doing some sock knitting on 2 circulars last night, one of them being a set of KP interchangeable options. I was giving the needle a tug like normal to transfer the stitches and the cable popped right out of the connector. I got it back in with some effort, but then it popped out again mid knitting. Has anyone had any trouble like this? I e-mailed them today and I am sure they are going to be helpful and accommodating as always, but just curious if anyone else has run into this and if there’s a good fix of some sort.


how long have you had the options? I haven’t had any problems myself, but I have only had them for a week and only knitted one item so far. You could probably try gluing it back in until you can get it replaced… Thats what one lady did when she resized hers to make her 16"

Mine did that a while ago as well. :frowning: I was in the middle of a scarf so I just grabbed some glue (Alene’s tacky glue) and put a little on the cable end & shoved it back in. I let it dry overnight & haven’t had a problem again.

I used Gorilla glue when it happened to me, and it hasnt come loose since then.

I used crazy glue on 2 seperate cables, no more problem! :teehee: I heard they replace them for free, but I am not that patient. :nails:

I don’t have these, yet, but even with a quirky problem, I’ll be getting some soon. I just read on the Mason-Dixon blog that one of the MD gals had a similar/same issue and called the company, was told there were some issues, and got replacements quick. And she fixed her other cable with glue to boot. You all may want to call so they know!
Here, scroll down to Dec 2

Yep, not an uncommon problem, and they will send out new ones right away (no need to send old ones back). Super glue works fairly well for fixing them, though. Out of curiousity, when did you get your needles? I was hoping they had resolved the issue by now because I want to get some longer cords. But maybe I should wait…

Just to clarify, I am the “lady” (:teehee:) who originally resized her cord. (I understand others have followed in my footsteps since then.) I took one of my defective cords and cut it down before gluing it back in, in an effort to make a shorter circ. Details here. The reason I’m bringing it up is because 16" would be too short. 18" is about the minimum.

One of my cables did this, too. When I called to tell them about it, they sent a replacement cable right out, and they were very nice about it.

I was hoping they had resolved the issue by now because I want to get some longer cords. But maybe I should wait…

I got my needles back in August. Maybe they’ve fixed the problem by now.

sent me a replacement as well.

thats quite a bit of people having trouble with the cords! they did tell me as soon as they “run out” of this batch, the new batch will not have the problem.

well i’m sorry to hear all of you had this issue, but also glad it wasn’t just me. i was afraid maybe i was manhandling them. HAHA! PUN! (sigh) i spoke with them today and they said i could glue it if i wanted, but they are sending out a replacement right away. I didn’t hear back from them because they had some kind of power outage (from the snow maybe? didn’t ask for details) and they are catching up on their e-mail. i got these with my last KP order which I want to say was about a month ago, give or take.

I’ve had 3 different cables do the same thing. One 40", one 32" and one 24". They were all replaced very quickly. The last time, I just mentioned in the comments section of the order I was placing that I had a 32" cable come apart at the join and they put the replacement package in with my order. It IS annoying, but not enough for me to stop using them.