Problems with knitted wedding garter

Hello there, I was wondering of anyone could help me.

I’m a beginner with knitting, but I’m being rather ambitious and trying to make a wedding garter for a friend’s wedding. However, I keep getting stuck on the third row!! I’ve searched and searched on these forums and elsewhere online, and I can’t find a solution anywhere!

I’m following this pattern -

After purling the second row, I end up with 19 stitches, and on the third row, third stitch, I Make One, creating 20 stitches at that point. However, when I continue, I run out of stitches before I get to the second Make One stitch, so (I think) I’m one stitch short, but I can’t for the life of me see where I’m going wrong!

Can anyone help?? Thank you in advance!

The row is slip 1, k1 m1, k4, k2tog, yo2, sk2p, ssk, k4, m1, k2. Uses 19 and ends up with 19. How are you doing the YOs? They’re just a wrap around the needle, not wrap and k1.

Thats what I was doing! Thanks, I think I have it sorted now! I know it was a dumb question, but it’s been puzzling me for hours! :slight_smile: Thats how you learn I guess! Thanks again! xx

Well it’s good that you figured it out.