Problems with baby blanket

I am going to be a Grandma for the first time and want to make a baby blanket. I start out casting OK, then start to knit and after a several rows, I find that my knitting needle is full and I cannot get all of the knit to the other needle. What am I doing wrong, as I have looked in books and watched videos and no one is able to explain the issue that I am having. I have restarted this project 5 times already and now I have 2 knitting needles full and do not know what to do with them. Anyone Please HELP!!:woot: :woot:

How many stitches did you cast on maybe you can try casting on fewer stitches as knitting gets wider after you knit a few rows compared to how wide it was when you cast on. I am not sure if I answered your question because I have never had or heard of the problem you are having and it sounds really strange but I hope I helped. :slight_smile:

Niv123 is correct that the knit fabric takes up more space than the cast on. Is your stitch count the same as the cast on?
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

It could also be knitting twice into the end stitch or it might be creating unwanted yarn overs between knit and purl sts.

When I knit my first scarf it was triangular, as I did just that – knit into everything that looked like it might be a loop. I must have tripled the number of stitches by the end! Now, upty-ump years later I have been having the opposite problem, knitting baby booties in size 1 needles and fingering yarn and losing stitches. In either event the answer is the same – stop and count how many stitches you have on your needles with every row – or sooner if you think you make a mistake.

Do you know how to purl? It might be much easier if you make a pattern that alternates knit and purl – two of each or four of each or similar. Not only will it sit flat and look pretty, but you can immediately see if you have the right number of stitches for any given group.

If you can knit and purl well, then I agree with the prior poster – consider a pattern, and a looong circular needle. I have recently discovered the Red lace stainless circular needles and I looove them as they don’t twice. Or, in the alternative, if you can sew, knit the blanket in squares of different colors then put them together in a fun pattern.

I know how horrid it feels to keep ripping things out. I’ve been knitting forever, yet last week I had to tear out the first inch of one bootie three times, till I forced myself to slow down, pause the tv, and patiently count whenever there was a part of the pattern that was hard with such tiny needles (M1R with fingering yarn! arg).

OTOH when I last visited my first grandchildren, now 10 and 7, they brought out the blankets I made each of them when they were born, and gave me a new list of things to knit for them! That made it all worthwhile!