Problems using 9 gauge needles


I’m a beginner when it comes to knitting, my grandpa taught me recently. I started out with 5gauge needles (i think) and just bought some 9’s so i could make a simple scarf. I cast on, and started my 1st row, and it got really messy really quick…there was a lot of slack between the two needles and it got twisted and made things look really bad. Anyway, i’ve tried it several times and dont know what im doing wrong!! could someone give me some tips?

Thank you!


The needles i started out on were 5.0 mm the new ones are 9.0 mm

I’m not quite sure what you mean by 9 [I]gauge[/I] needles. Needles are numbered, but sometimes they’re referred to by their actual mm size.

A 9 needle would be 5.5 mm and a size 5 needle would be 3.75 mm.

If you were using yarn that suited a size 5 needle, it would probably be too thin for a size 9. The fabric would be very loose. Try using at least a worsted weight yarn.

I see, as a correction then:

The needles i started out on were 5.0 mm the new ones are 9.0 mm

OK, same principle applies. With 9 mm needles, you should use a bulky weight yarn, or two strands of worsted held together. I think you’ll be much happier with the results.

I agree with Ingrid - it’s probably just not the right yarn for the needles, and the knitting itself isn’t the problem.

or u might have used a backward loop cast on
that leaves a lot of slack as u knit up the CO edge