Problems understanding pattern

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with a pattern. I’m knitting a Rowan Sweater pattern and working on the sleeve. It’s a bit different than previous patterns I’ve knit as it uses a chart. The pattern is set all over the sleeve. I understand the cables that are abbreviated at the bottom of the chart (e.g., cr5R) but don’t understand what two boxes with a diagonal line going through both means. Depending on if it’s at the beginning or the end of the row the diagonal line is a different direction. I’ve attached the picture, the diagonal lines that are a problem are on row 10 and beyond. Larger diagonals are explained in the legend, just not the ones over two stitches.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

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What is the name of the pattern?
On row 11 there are several 5 stitch cables which are designated by 2 sets of lines crossing 2 squares with a blank square between. They are crossed of 3 knit sts over 2 purl sts.
For the cross right, hold 2 sts to the back, k3 then purl the sts from the cable needle.
For the cross left, hold 3 sts to the front, p2 then knit the sts from the cable needle.

See if those aren’t described in the legend.

Ok thanks. That is it just not exactly the same symbol as the legend

Sometimes it helps to look at the next row and see what happens to the sts there. Enjoy working the pattern!