Problem with videos?

For some reason they won’t load in Firefox. I’ve never had problems before so maybe it’s that it’s being worked on or something? I was able to view it in IE at least, but I hate IE so… :shock: :roflhard:

Earlier today, i loaded the video for kitchener stitch and it opened in a popup window. Usually i dont get popups, but it allowed that one…maybe your popup blocker is blocking it if the formats for the videos have changed for the site. :??
Ever since I discovered firefox, I detest using IE!

I just set it to allow popups for and it now works. Thanks for the heads up!!

Yeah IE sucks. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Same problem here…I can access them now, but I can’t copy the link locations any more – it was really nice to be able to do that when responding to questions.

That’s what happened to me–I got “javascript” instead of being able to post a link to a video.

Thanks for the heads up ladies. I’ll have Sheldon on the task in the morning. I think we may even be able to foil the pop-up blockers to some degree, so others don’t have to change their settings.

Also, I’m sure it’s still possible to link directly to the videos, I’ll ask Sheldon in the morning!

Okay, if you’re having probs with videos playing:

–add KH to your pop-up blocker, so it’s not blocked. Sheldon’s working on making it less noticable by pop-up blockers, but until then…
–clear your cache (or wait a few days for it to clear automatically), your browser may be remembering old info that is confusing it.
–to direct link to a video, use the address directly under the video, where it says “having trouble viewing this video?” That’s the direct address to the video.

That’s a little scary when you think about it…that doing this is possible. I’ve been pretty popup free for awhile, but now they can foil the software? Eeek… I just added KH to my allowed popups and it worked fine.