Problem with the Ribbed Pattern

I have a problem with the ribbed pattern in knitting.

I was instructed that the way to do this is to start with one knit-stitch – then two pearl-stitches followed by two knit-stitches, over and over – and ending the row with a pearl stitch.

Here’s the problem.

Every time I switch between knitting and pearling – and the knot changes on what side of the scarf it is – there’s this place where the stitch gets two loops of thread instead of one.

My question is — how do I prevent this from completely throwing me off?

Thanks in advance ---- Sophia

Make sure that when you bring the yarn forward to purl, that you’re not pulling up on it. Doing so would reveal the stitch below, so that you would be seeing two strands of yarn instead of the one strand of your working yarn.

Make sure you don’t bring the yarn over the needle, but between the tips.