Problem with the Help Videos! on KH

I just spent 10 minutes trying to get the Help videos to work.
1: the kitchner stich one worked for about 2 minutes but then just stops. I kept trying everything I could think of including starting over:think:
2: the 3 needle bind off does play but there is no sound!:wall:

And advice would be of great help, because I’m in a rush (as usual)to finish this baby sweater and I want to join the back and the left and then right fronts (to make the shoulders) of the sweater and I don’t know which way is best to do it (kitchner vs. 3 needle). Any advice ?
Thanks in advance!!!

I don’t know what is up. Did the same thing to me. Sorry. Can you watch the 3needle BO video and get what you need from just the video? Perhaps do a google for these BO methods and see if you can find another resource online since you are needing this info/help ASAP. Best of luck to you.

Unfortunately they work for some people and others sometimes. The admin are in the process of updating the videos so they are better and more reliable.

Since you can’t view them here here’s some more help for 3 needle bind off and kitchener stitch.

3 needle bind off

kitchener stitch