Problem with Rowan Tillie pattern

I’m having a problem with the Tillie pattern by Louisa Harding that is in the Rowan 40 iconic hand knit designs. I’ve already knit the back and fronts but I’m having trouble with the sleeves. I’m fine until I get to row 41. Every time I knit it I come up one stitch short. I have 50 stitches on my needle which is correct. I’ve knit quite a bit of lace items and can not figure out what’s wrong. I have been unable to find any errata on this pattern. Any help would b e greatly appreciated.


It would probably be helpful if you could type out the row that you’re having difficulty with.

Thank you for your help but I FINALLY figured out what the problem was. This is a very helpful site and I will keep it in mind if I need help again. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you figured it out.

Yes it’s a great site, I agree. I’ve learned a lot here.