problem with pattern that continually decreases

The problem that I’m having with is featured in SImply Knitting magazine Issue 209. With the Woven Wrap, I’m having trouble keeping the same amount of stitches as the patterns calls for a continual decrease.
There are only sl stitches and no “M!”, so the pattern will continually decrease. Am I missing something? Is there another term for sl1 that interchanges with m1?
I would greatly appreciate the help.

Sorry I don’t know this pattern but do you mean that you don’t want it to decrease?
A sl1 doesn’t decrease does it? Just moves one stitch from left needle to right needle without working it so the number of stitches shouldn’t alter with a slipped stitch. Or am I misunderstanding?
Sorry, I’m not very experienced but thought this might be the answer.

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Thank you very much for your assistance. Im sorry that I wasn’t clear. I’m confused to when the pattern calls for the k2tog, but there isn’t any M1 to equate the stitches. As a result, the pattern keeps decreasing. Hope this clears it up. Thanks again!

Ah ok.
I think you need to write out a short section of the pattern so we could look at whats happening.
Is the wrap a straight rectangle?
Could you type out the couple of rows which are causing the problem?

Heres a sample of the pattern:
row 3: sl1, k1, knit to the last 3, sl1, k1, sl1
row 4: p
row 5: k1 sl1, yo k2 tog, k3 repeat, then k to the last 2, sl1, k1.
The pattern repeats in this manner.
I greatly appreciate the help…

The yo is a yarn over which creates a stitch on the right needle.
The yo increases by 1 stitch
The k2tog decreases by 1 stitch.
The slips don’t change the number of stitches.

Do you know how to do the yarn over? You could Google it or come back.
Hope this helps

I see my mistake now. I used the yo correctly and it works! Thanks for the help…


Glad it’s worked out.