Problem with pattern at shaping armholes

I’ve come to an instruction that I don’t understand in my pattern “Columbine” by Fiona Ellis. The instructions say, “At each armhole edge, bind off [4 sts] 1 (1,2…) times, [3 sts] 1 (1,2…) times and [2 sts] 2 (2,2…) times” If I were doing the first size, would I bind off 11 stitches at each end of the row? Or would I bind off 4 stitches on one row then 3 stitches on the next row, and 2 stitches on the next two rows?

Hi and welcome!
Bind off is at each armhole edge. Bind off 4sts on row 1, work across the row, turn and bind off 4sts at the beginning of the next row (row 2). Work to the end of that row, turn and bind off 3sts at the beginning of row 3, then 3sts at the beg of row 4. Bind off 2sts at the beg of rows 5,6,7 and 8.
What is the name of the pattern you’re working?

Thank you soooooo much. It’s a beautiful pattern called Columbine. The designer is Fiona Ellis.

Ah, thanks. So pretty.