Problem With Options

I’ve been working on toe-up socks magic loop with my new options, and I’ve been having a hard time getting the stictches back up on to the needle. When I was trying to get them up, the cable started to pull out of the metal part on one side. What should I do? I just got them a week ago and I don’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, this is a known problem with some of the Options cables. Just call KnitPicks customer service. They’re great about replacing them for free. Before you call, you might want to check out all of your cables…give them a test using the same amount of force that caused this one to separate. Also, attach all of the tips at least once to ensure that they screw down completely without leaving any space that might cause your yarn to snag (that happens sometimes too). Don’t worry…it’s inconvenient but KP will replace them with no questions asked.

Yep, call KnitPicks. I had trouble with the threads on the tip of one size stripping and they sent replacements right away. Its a hassle–I wish they’d get these problems worked out because they are wonderful needles otherwise…