Problem with needles

I just got a set of beautiful, wood needles and my cat started chewing on the end of one of them. I was so mad when I saw a couple teeth marks and then when I tried knitting with them, the yarn caught on the teethmarks! :!!!: Is there any way that I can repair them? There are only a couple really shallow marks… :frowning:

Maybe a little light sandpaper? Might work.

I’d try sandpaper too. If they’re not useable now, then you have nothing to lose, right?

I’ve used sand paper on wooden needles due to kittens also. Little begger just about gnawed off the entire tip but we were able to sand it back to usefulness. Just go lightly.

If you ever have any resin needles (Denise,et al) and you get a rough spot, you can do the same thing.

:roflhard: :roflhard: I thought my"cats" were the only ones who did that…they really love the plastic ones:-x I have to put em in a zip lock bag and always make sure it’s closed, cause those little squirts will dig there noses right in there and munch away:thumbsup:

Here I thought dogs were the only chewers. We have three Boxers and they LOVE soft fluffy yarn.

Thanks everyone, I didn’t know if sandpaper would be a good idea or not…


After you sand them with the fine sandpaper, use a candle and rub them with the wax, then buff them to a shine and they should be good as new! Darn cats will do this everytime! Mary