Problem with my pattern. please help.

Hi I am having trouble with a pattern. Can anyone help? I am on the foundation row of a shawl collard cardigan using rico creative melange chunky.

The second row says: p1. knit to next st and loop across st?

Hopefully someone can explain?

That is a bit of a puzzler. I see that it flummoxed the one knitter on Ravelry who has posted the pattern (assuming this is the pattern). If not, could you give us a pattern link, please?
A first attempt at a swatch of this pattern failed but I’ll think about it.

ETA: Light finally dawned. For the 2nd row, P1 then knit together the next stitch with the loop that runs along the back of the stitch. This is the loop that was formed when you brought the yarn to the front and slipped a stitch on Row 1, then brought the yarn to the back.
You can either pick up the loop with the tip of the left needle or pick it up with the right needle tip and slip it to the left needle.

Thanks for looking at it, as i thought i was just not getting it! The pattern is titled rico knitting idea compact 111 Shawl collared cardigan. If that’s any help?

I just edited my post (ETA) see above. The directions in Row 2 are really to “knit together the next stitch with the loop in the back of the stitch”. Give that a try. It worked for my swatch.

Thankyou. i’ll try that. You’ve been really helpful.

Makes one wonder who was writing the pattern and who was proofreading and why neither of them is aware of standard abbreviations.

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