Problem with knitting mittens

I am knitting a pair of mittens for the first time. This is also the first time I am using double pointed needles. I knitted the first mitten fine but am having issues with the second one. It seems that I am getting some weird gap in my stitch. It happens on the first stitch on the needle. You can feel this gap when you run your hand over it. Does anyone know how this happens? I have started it over twice and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

Hi and welcome to KH! I would try pulling the first and second sts tighter on the needle when you knit them this might help…you can also try moving your sts around by one st so the first st on the needle isn’t always the first st…this helps sometimes too :thumbsup:

I thought that was what it may be bu it is in the middle of a stitch not between stitches. I will try moving the end around the needles though.