Problem with knitting in the round


I have been making winter hats for my family. I have watched the video about knitting in the round on this site, and I have read about it in several books. I cast on my stitches, make sure that the last cast-on stitch is on the right, and the first on the left. I make sure that my stitches are all facing inward and not twisted and then begin to knit.

The pattern calls for several inches of knit 1, purl 1 ribbing on a US 3 needle, then I knit onto a US 6 needle. From there I knit every row and begin the crown decrease.

The problem is that I end up knitting the hat inside-out. All of my purls are on the outside and knits on the inside. Everyone I have spoken to has told me that their knit stitches always wind up on the outside when they work in the round. Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Thank you!!

You’re knitting on the inside of your hat rather than the outside. This happens a lot, and some people prefer to just leave it and then turn the whole thing inside out.

When you’re knitting in the round, think of the circle of the needles as a cup. You sip from the cup on the side closest to you. You should have your needle points closest to you with the rest of the cable away from you. This way you’re knitting all around the outside of your hat. Make sense?

Ahh…I did that with my 1st hat, too, KK. It’s just the positioning…scared ya, didn’t it?! This site shows you what’s happenin’… :wink:

EDIT, My apologies to you, Kelley, I thought that you were another Kelly, which is why I called u KK and was rather flippant about it being scary…I’m sorry :blush: ([size=2]it’s really hard to get one’s foot out of one’s mouth after so many hip replacements as i’ve had :oops: )[/size]

Thank you for the help, Ingrid, but I still have a question. If the needle tips are closest to me with the work pointing away, does that mean that I will wind up knitting into the back of the stitch?

Thanks again!!

If you want to have the knit stitches on the outside, you just knit normally. If you are finishing a hat that already has the purls on the outside, just finish it as it is. You’ll just be making it inside out, that’s all.

I have a similar question, and maybe I should start a new thread for it. If using DPNs, do you still have to hold them with the work away from you like you do with circs? I would think so. I’m about to start a sock and haven’t used DPNs before.

Yes…you should always drink out of the side of the cup that is closest to you. :wink: