Problem with King Cole waistcoat pattern 3167

I’m not sure I even understand how this forum works but am hoping someone out there can help me understand this pattern. Left Front row 10: I’m starting with 59 stitches but the row instructions are supposed to finish with 58 for my size and it doesn’t seem to work out - depending on how I interpret the directions I wind up with 4-9 stitches left over. Not sure if there is a typo or if I’m just daft.

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Very pretty. Can you quote just the entire row (10) that is supposed to have the decrease? (Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyrights.) Can you also please tell us the size you’re making?

Thank you. The 10th row reads: P3, (inc in next st purlways, P4) 4 times, P3 [4:5:3:4], P2tog, (P4 [5:6:4:5], P2tog) 2 [2:2:4:4] times, P3 [4:5:7:6]. 44[48:52:58:62] sts.

I’m knitting the 4-42 size…though I’m thinking I probably should have done the next size down! LOL

The row takes 59 sts and ends up with 58sts. There are 4 increases and 5 decreases.
(inc in next st purlways, P4) 4 times, takes 20sts and leaves you with 24
P3 , P2tog, takes 5sts and leaves you with 4
(P4 , P2tog) 4 times,takes 24sts and leaves you with 20.

To increase in a stitch you can work a knit front and back (kfb) or any other increase that also uses a stitch.

This is going to sound very stupid but when I inc next st does the original purl count as one of the 4?

Start the row with P3, increase in the next stitch (that has to be a purl front and back), then P4.
So for the repeat, mark off sets of 5sts. Purl front and back into the first stitch (or whatever method you prefer to increase in a stitch), then purl the next 4.

Don’t hesitate to ask a question. They’re all good ones.

Thanks but I still only wind up with 23, not 24 sts.

It may help to mark off 4 sets of 5 sts. You can use stitch markers or small loops of scrap yarn for this. You should be increasing 4 times.
Increase in a stitch, p4, increase in a stitch, p4, increase in a stitch, p4, increase in a stitch, p4

I totally agree but the increase P4 x 4 repeats add up to 16 plus the 4 increases and 3 at the beginning only add up to 23 not 24. Is there a stitch I’m not seeing? Sorry just getting so frustrated. You would think this was calculus!

Look only at the repeat for the moment (inc in next stitch purlways, P4). Each repeat uses 5sts, not 4. The increase itself uses a stitch in order to add a stitch. You purl front and back into that stitch so that one stitch becomes 2sts… That’s followed by the P4.
The repeat is 5sts x 4 =20sts. When you add the 4 increases it equals 24sts.

If you’ve been using a Make one (M1) increase, that may be the problem. A M1 is an increase between sts. It uses the bar between sts instead of taking up or using up a stitch as you make the increase.

Here’s a video for the increase, pfb:

Thank you, that was very helpful as yes I was using M1 but it still only adds up to 23.
3+5+5+5+5 =23

As you say, the repeat is the (increase + 4 purl sts) =5, but above you are saying that the repeat is (increase +5) = 6 but that doesn’t work either because then it would be 3+6+6+6+6=27. I still think there is an error.

OK, good. Yes, the repeat and the initial P3 add up to 27 sts. The 20sts repeat plus the 4 increases is 24 and adding in the initial P3 is 27. I agree, that’s correct.

Then completing the p3, p2tog leaves you with 4.
(P4, P2rog) x4 leaves you with 20 and adding in the final P7 is 27.
27 + 4 + 27 = 58.

Yayyyy, finally it works! Thank you so much for your patience! Phew, OK now on to the cables…

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