Problem with fair isle demo

For some reason, I can’t download the demo on fair isle…I’ve tried, my hubby’s tried…I’m sad! Can anyone answer my question/tell me what I’m doing wrong with the video/e-mail it to me?

I’m just confused on how to get that cc in with the mc…I am such a visual person…and pics don’t move!!

Thank you all so much…I really enjoy reading all the posts!

I can’t help you with the videos, but is there a specific problem you’re having, or have you figured it out?

It wouldn’t work for me, either. Actually, a couple of the videos wouldn’t work and then began working. Try it again. There could very well be some updating being done or something.

I’ve tried the video again…it plays for 3 seconds then the picture and sound freeze, although it says it’s still playing…I don’t know…

I’m confused about how to start the second color. do I tie it on? do I just hold onto it until it gets woven in enough to hold itself? I watched another video on another site, but it didn’t show the starting, just the actual knitting which I totally get. I’ve tried it a couple of times a couple of different ways, but I want to do it right you know? I’m left handed too, so I’ve got to watch it a couple of times before I can do it…I think I’m just stupid this week :doh: I’m not giving up though! If I can get my husband home from work at a reasonable time (to watch the kiddo!), I am going to go to my lys and ask for some help from the wise knitting sages that seem to live there :wink:

When I attach a new color, I ‘catch’ it for a few stitches before I actually need to knit with it, and catch it again after I’m done with it to weave in the ends as I go.

When I’m working on a knit row, for example, and since I usually do Fair Isle in the round that’s almost always the case, I lay my yarn between the needles so that the end is sticking toward me. Then, after I knit the next stitch, I lay that end over to the back and on top of the yarn I’m using. For the next few stitches I make sure the new color is on top of the old before I knit with it. It gets it anchored so that it’s nice and even when I start. I realize a visual would be better, but maybe it can at least give you an idea.
It basically twists it in.

Thanks! Visual would help, but I’m going to get my stuff and sit here and try it while reading your post!

Hopefully, I’ll get it and be able to get done some cool stuff for christmas…not just scarves!

Hi EmilyKaye,

I just downloaded and watched the video. You might want to try again.

Good luck.

I was having trouble with this method as well, I did watch the video, but I was still stumped. Ingrid gave me great directions and my project is now looking great. It’s really not as hard as the words sound.

I find that starting the new color in fair isle method is just like starting a new color is any knittng project. The strick is “catching” it keeping it in it’s place.
I prefer to keep the contrasting color in my left hand, that way, I keep it on the top all the time.

I’ve hopefully done the attachments right and you can see my progress Ingrid. Thanks for your help.

1st pic: inside of skull scarg
2nd pic: where I started new color
3rd pic: where my thumb is pointing to, is the first stitch with new color
4th pic: my skull scarf (not finished yet!!)

OH MY GOSH! FINALLY! I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but my hubby was fooling around with it and got it to work! WooHoo!

I just have one question…(probably not the last)…What do you do with the other color if you have big blocks of one color? I’m wanting to do the rock star bag in stich n bitch nation, and it’s got some big sections of one color or the other, but it says do fair isle…ugh. am I just missing something or am I really dense?

I’d love to see pics of your skull scarf…I’ve been thinking of how to do one for my little brother…

With the color that i’m not using, i have to carry it along the entire project. You’ll see it in the pic. just make sure the carrying yarn is not to tight.

Your skull scarf looks great! Normally, a pattern like that would be done flat, in intarsia, but since the inside won’t be in a position to get caught on anything, it’ll be ok as long as the stranding is kept loose. You can ‘catch’ it on the back to keep it from stranding for so many stitches, which is usually what’s done for long carries across the back.

If you want me to describe it I will, but it’s hard to understand without a picture. Most books that have fair isle in them will show how to do it.

As for intarsia vs. Fair Isle, most intarsia has to be done flat. Sometimes it is possible in the round, but it requires a tutorial all it’s own, and both colors have to be in the inatarsa ‘block’.