Problem with entrelac purse

I’m trying to finish an entrelac purse by Lori Sweazy and have gotten to a place in the pattern that has me stumped. I am starting to knit the flap and button closure (using circular needles) and I am having to stretch the stitches so much to get the needles together that I feel that I am doing something wrong and don’t want to go any farther. Any help would surely be appreciated.

Do you have a link to the pattern? You can Magic loop or single loop the sts, to get the ends to join up, if that’s what’s needed.

Hi. You could switch to different needles, dpns might work. Or you could use 2 circs, or 1 really long one. There are videos here about something called magic loop knitting. It’s a way of doing small diamer knitting on long needles. Good luck on finishing your purse. I bet it will be lovely.

Possibly this is a picture of the purse. If so, it looks like the flap and button loop are knit back and forth? Can you check the pattern and see if there are directions to stop knitting in the round and continue on some sts in the flat?

That is the purse. This is briefly how the pattern reads:
After finishing triangles purl one round. Slip 7 stitches designated as the sides to holders. Make a rolled edge on front edge as follows: Knit across 35 stitches making up front(remaining stitches can be slipped to a holder to be worked later). Continue working in stockinette until you have worked 8 rows. With larger needle bind off.
Now you switch to straight needles & pick up 35 stitches from holder.
I am stuck on working the stockinette for 8 rows. I have already slipped stitches as instructed but don’t know what to do next.

You should work back and forth on the front 35 sts by knitting a row and purling a row (stockinette) for 8 rows total. These sts have been left on your circular needle when you put the back 35 and the sts for the sides onto holders. The stockinette rows will curl to form the rolled edge.
Then you will work the 35sts for the back which will form the flap and there’ll also be instructions for what to do with the 7sts for the sides.

I don’t mean to be so dumb, but I don’t get how you knit back and forth on the circular needles because my stitches are getting so tight and the cord on the needles is so long and bulky. I knitted 4 or 5 stitches and find that I can’t get the stitches moved up on the needle to work them.

Maybe we need a picture. When you go from knitting in the round to knitting flat on circs, it can be sort of tight. You’ll be doing something like the single loop I mentioned above. After the first few sts pull the cord out between a couple sts and that should help.

I think it will help if, after the purl row all around the purse, you put all the sts onto a holder [I]except[/I] the front 35sts. Keep the front 35sts either on the circ or on a straight needle and knit the sts when the right side of the purse is facing you, then turn at the end of the row (35sts knit) and purl back on the same 35sts.
It’s a good question that you’re asking.