Problem with dpns

Okay, so I have recently started experimenting using double pointed needles (dpns) and I knitted a pair of mittens, fairly easily; however, once I finished my project I noticed that where the stitches went from one needle to the next there was a line that looked like a seam for a lack of better terms. Is this supposed to do this or did I do something wrong? I am kinda confused about it. Thanks in advanced for any assistance or help with this. :slight_smile:

You are not doing anything wrong. It is just that between the last st on one needle and the first st on the next needle you brought the yarn looser so there is a little gap. Just make sure you are bringing the yarn tighter between those two stitches. ( I hope I am making sense here) It happens to me too.

Welcome to KH. Whenever we knit in the round, the line or laddering can happen. Holding the needles as closely as possible when you move from one to the next can help, knitting the first stitch or the next more tightly can also help. I have wrapped the first stitch backwards to make it tighter and knit into the back loop when I come to again. With DPNs itโ€™s possible to move the stitches from one needle to another so that you donโ€™t always knit the same stitches first or last on needles. Experience and practice are the most important factors. I can sometimes avoid it mostly, other times not so much.

Yes, listen to her.