Problem with Directions!

This is what my directions say;

Row 23: K 14, [B][U]inc in each of next 4 sts[/U][/B], knit 15

The bold and underline part of my direction is where my problem is. It doesn’t say what kind of increase to use, so what kind do I use for these 4 increases?

I’d appreciate your help very much! :knitting:

Probably a knit front back increase. It says [B]in[/B] each stitch, so it couldn’t be a M1 where you lift the strand between stitches, or a backward loop increase. I’d think kfb.

Thank you very much! That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure if the direction was asking for something else.

That’s usually the inc I use when it doesn’t specify. Makes sense the way merigold put it. Anyway, just thought I’d put my 2 cents in. :teehee:

It’s all in how it’s worded. An inc [B]in[/B] a stitch has to be kfb; the other incs are between sts.