Problem with DB hooded baby sweater

Okay… so I was really proud of how my very first garment was looking and I started seaming and everything was going well until I came to the hood.

Way back when I was working on knitting the hood, I came here with questions, which Ingrid was very gracious enough to answer for me. I sat and looked at the pattern, looked at the unfinished sweater and came here for help for like 2 hours. Finally, did the hood, and the rest of the sweater.

Then comes the big problem. I am all done with the seaming, except for the hood, and when I am starting to seam it, it is KNITTED ON BACKWARDS!!! :shock: :twisted: It will still open, but the part that is supposed to be the front is the back and it is now seamed on top to the middle of the front of the hood. I had to seam the nice rolled edge to the back of the sweater. There was no way to really fix it without ripping it all out and my DH said it still looked great and to leave it.

Ohhhh, I am soooo mad that I made such a big mistake! :twisted: Makes me want to either get right back and knit up another one, or never knit another sweater again!!! :crying:

Oh no! Sorry about that. Don’t give up on sweaters! I’m sure that it’s not that noticeable to people who don’t know the pattern–it could be a cute design modification! :smiley:

Do not give up on sweaters!!! If the thought of ripping it out is too much for you , and it’s wearable…then, leave it alone. I’d make a note on the pattern cautioning yourself when you get to that part again…I know, I know, right now you think you’ll never make this pattern again, but you will, trust me.

I definitely agree

it could be a cute design modification!
. What if you added a pocket to the front or a sleeve in your reverse stitching? It could be really cute!

Just enjoy the process of knitting!

:doh: Don’t rip it out!!! As long as it’s wearable, show it off proudly!! It’s a baby sweater, and will be outgrown. You can tuck it away when it’s too small and look back and chuckle. You learned from this in many ways (I hope it wasn’t my advice that caused you to put it on backwards :oops: :pray: ) and the next one will be so much easier.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words.

Ingrid, in no way did you give me the wrong information. It was totally me. :doh: Now I have to make another one and find out where I went wrong. :thinking:

That’s the spirit!!!

Hugss… It sounds so cute… I’m knitting sweaters for granddaughter… where did you find pattern? And don’t even think you are the only one that has ever done that type of thing…lol I knit my first sweater… blocked it, stitched it together… only to discover I made 2 fronts… no back… and belive me, it mattered, :doh: lol We all have done something… so don’t worry about it… call it an initiation…lol