Problem with circular knitting needles

Hi - I am new to knitting and to this board. I’ve been working on knitting a simple baby blanket and finally have some of the basics figured out, but now I am having problems with the circular knitting needles I am using - They keep falling apart, which is REALLY frustrating because it drops 10-20 stitches everytime the needles fall apart. I am using LionBrand circular knitting needles and they are plastic, so they are falling apart where the circular part connects to the needle. Does anyone have any suggestions on a different type of brand of circular needle that I should try or do you know of a way to stop the needles from falling apart? I really starting to enjoy knitting but everytime the needles drop I seem to end up with a ‘hole’ in my blanket where the yarn wasn’t re-threaded on correctly…


Welcome Becky!

There are many of us here who knit with circular needles…and many different likes. The favorites seem to include:

Boye NeedleMaster - a set of interchangeable needles that are metal
Denise Interchangeable - a set of interchangeable needles that are plastic (but knit like bamboo) and have more needle sizes than the Boye’s
Addi Turbos - are not sold in sets and are a light weight metal/brass

This thread has LOTS of details about the interchangeable sets. There are quite a few topics out there about Addi Turbos.

The nice thing about the investment of the interchangeable sets is you pretty much have everything you need right away and the extra cables come in handy for many things.

I personally use addi turbos and love them…but I haven’t tried either of the interchangeable sets.

I hope this helps!!

Happy :XX:

Welcome Becky :waving: I have the Denise interchangeable set & it’s quite nice…although now I rarely use it because I love addi’s (never can get enough knitting gear :wink: )

Welcome Becky! :waving:

Your needles should definately NOT be falling apart! While I second the suggestions that others have made, I thought I would give you a few more (inexpensive) options. I use and like both Clover Bamboo and Susan Bates Quicksilver circulars. Depending on the needle size and cord length these tend to run about $5-12 each. I would actually recommend either of these over the other suggestions for a beginner as I think the permenant join between the needles is easier to manuver stitches over than the interchangable set joins and Addi Turbos are very slick and easy to drop stitches off of. (Also the intrchangable sets only go up to a size 15 needle, so if you are working on something larger they won’t work for you) Good luck and let us know if you have more questions!

-Jennifer :XX:

i would also be taking those needles back to where i got them for a refund!!

wow, i didnt know there’s such thing as interchangeable needles. cool! i should get one of those.