Problem with Circular knitting after cast on

I’m pretty new to knitting. A few months ago though I knit a cowl with circular needles. I am working on another as a last minute Christmas present and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve cast on and tried the first row 2 times. I also tried to keep going to the second and it turns into a huge mess
After I cast on and start knitting that row, by the end the connecting thread between my two needles is so long I have to pull it through with my other hand to even get it to the other needle. It gets so long it keeps getting mixed up with my working yarn and stuck when I’m pulling it through…I don’t remember this being a problem at all in my first project so I have no idea what I am doing wrong to create so much extra yarn.
Also I am sure I am using the correct size and length circular needle according to the pattern and the stitches pretty well fill up the needles.
If anyone has any ideas what could possibly be going on I would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks

I’m not really sure what’s causing this but do think a good join on the cast on round would be beneficial. I’ve started using this method in which you cast on an extra stitch and essentially do a one stitch bind off. I’m thinking that if you get the first stitches joined up neatly then the rest will fall in line for you. HTH

I’m not sure what your problem is either, but just to clarify, you are working in the round, correct? What I mean is that you are joining the first round and continuing to work around and around and around, yes?

Perhaps watching some videos about circular knitting might help. There are many on YouTube and some here at KH, too:

Good luck!

If you used the backward loop CO that makes long loops between stitches. Use a different one - knit, cable or long tail and you won’t have this problem.

I am working in the round, yes…thanks for the help

Also that is the cast on I am using so thank you so much for the help, I will try a different one and hopefully that will solve my problem!

So…which cast on are you using? Is it the same as your first project?

Having a hard time picturing this, but it seems like I ran into something similar once upon a time. Just can’t recall what caused it. All I can think of is make sure the stitches on the RH needle are actually on the needle (not the cable) and that the working yarn is behind the work (which can be hard to tell sometimes). Other than that, I got nothin’… unless you’re using a cast on that doesn’t have the first loop secured somehow and you’re pulling the tail out as you go.

No, it’s probably the backward loop CO. It’s easy to do, but very difficult to knit into and keep the yarn between the stitches from stretching out. It’s good for just a few stitches, but not really to begin a larger project with, especially on a circular needle. I’ve used on in place of a provisional CO, but only cast on about 2/3 the sts I needed and ‘made’ the other ones when the yarn looped out enough to put in a few more as I knit the first row. You can see this shown in Techknitter’s blog post.

Ah… I missed the part about using backward loop cast on. I’ve never used it, so the symptoms aren’t familiar.

It’s the usual answer to “why is my yarn/stitches growing on the first row?”

Good to know. I’ve never used it, but if I ever do and find my stitches running amok, that’ll be where I look first. :mrgreen:

It works just fine if you’re casting on a few sts in the middle of a project (see the site that Sue linked to) but for an initial cast on, it’s not so happy.