Problem with booties

im knitting a pair of baby booties (pattern can be found in the pattern section look for white booties) for the first time and im across a problem. after i knitted the instep. it tells me to have the rs faceing, rejoin yarn to last st on right-hand needle; but i have the instep and right side still on right needle; pick up and knit; youtubed how to do this part; knit 7 sts down right side instep; but i have 12 sts for the right side; then to knit 11 across the instep, pick up and knit 7 sts down left side of instep. knit 11 from left-hand needle; but i have 12 sts on left-hand needle; 47 sts. how am i to do this? i dont want to start over, would like to make a pair of booties (will most likely never use this pattern again)

Is this your pattern?

I’ll leave the best way to get the sitch count right to more experienced knitters. If they know what pattern you are using it sometimes helps.

After you finish the last row of the instep, break the yarn. If the instep sts are on the right needle, just slip them back to the left needle (you can do this by putting the tips of the right and left needles tip-to-tip and sliding the sts across). Pick up the 7sts along the right side of the instep (there should be about 14 rows along the instep so pick up a st ~every other row), knit 11sts across the instep and pick up 7sts down the left side. Then knit across the remaining sts on the left needle These are the ones that have been waiting while you knit the instep. Now you’re going to knit all the sts from one end to the other for 9 rows. If your st count is off (12sts instead of 11sts on the ends) it should still be ok or you could adjust the numbers now by knitting two together somewhere along these sets of 12sts.

GG, thanks for the pattern link!

yes that is the right pattern

will the yarn come out if i do every other one? i dont want it to come undone or slightly undone. who wouldve thought it would be so difficult knitting a pair or booties, lol.

If you’re picking up the stitches from work that is already done like that there is no way it can unravel. :thumbsup:

Remember, these picked up sts are along the [I]ends[/I] of the row on the instep, not along the 11 live sts. As Jan said, the picked up sts won’t unravel, in fact they’ll be locked in there by the subsequent rows.

but i have 12 on the right side and it says to only pick up 7, do i double some? my brain is refusing to comprehend lol. this is what i think i should do, put all sts on left needle and the knit all across, but i think thats wrong cause the sides of the instep will be open. or does that not matter and i can close it at the end? Ugh, so confusing.

Starting from the end of the right needle you should have the 12sts cuff sts (actually 11sts but if it’s 12 that’s ok) on the right needle and then the 11sts from knitting the 14rows of the instep. On the left needle is the 11-12st from the other side of the ankle cuff.
Move the 11 instep sts to the left needle by just slipping them back to the left needle (not by knitting or purling them back).
Now start with a new end of yarn and pick up 7sts along the side of the instep. This is where you correctly mention a gap. Now you’re going to fill in that gap by creating a new st ~every other row. Take a look at the video under Tips for picking up sts to see how to do this.
After you’ve picked up the 7sts, knit the 11 live instep sts from the left needle to the right, pick up 7sts down the side of the instep and knit across the final 12 (or 11)sts of the cuff that have been waiting on the left needle.
Now you’ll have all the sts on the right needle, all connected and no gaps at the instep.