Problem with bind off

I just finished knitting Morgan, a hat from (

In the end, (it was knit top->bottom) it has a 3 row-ribbing (K1,P1). I binded off in pattern, knitting one stitch, purling the other, passing it over, knitting, passing over, purling, passing over, etc.

However… It doesn’t fit. I mean, it doesn’t fit AT ALL, and the gauge was right and everything…

Is it a problem with the bind off or is it that somewhere I must of over-decreased? Or will this disappear after being washed?

Do you mean it feels like the bind off is too tight? That’s pretty common. You can try using a larger needle size to bind off. Or give this bind off a try. It’s VERY stretchy!

Do you have the number of stitches you should have if you did all the increases as it said? That looks like a complicated pattern.

Yes, all the stitch numbers are ok.

I passed all the stitches to a circular needle and tried it on. It’s definitely a problem with the BO; it fits perfectly with the circular needle wire.

I’ll try “Jenny’s Bind Off”. Thanks :slight_smile: