Problem with a pattern

I started and it went fine for 16" then when it came to bind off for the shoulders, the pattern always gets out of sink. I bind off using the same stitches. The pattern is Boy or Girls EASY Vest off of Yarn Lover’s Room. Is there anywhere I can go for help? I tried emailing them, but it wouldn’t go thru.
I just lost my job, and have lots of time to knit.
I tried the long tail cast on and really like it MUCH better.
thanks for any help

Melinda Niccum

Hi, and welcome. What part gets out of sync when you BO? Could you explain with a little more detail, and we can help you here.

the pattern starts with 69 sts/ goes k2 p2 ending w k1 turn and repeat the same thing. which i did for 16", then when I went to bo/ I bo/ following the pattern which was fine, bo 7 sts/ then turn (it was bo 7 beginning of ea row. but when i did the second row the ridges went off at an angle. i wrote the pattern out, so I thought i was following it, but every time (about 6/7 times) it went off at an angle. i just can’t figure what I’m doing wrong.
thanks so much for answering…

So you have basic k2, p2 ribbing. After you BO continue the row in the rib st. Then when you get to the next row after the 2 with bound off stitches, you will have to knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts instead of starting with k2, p2. You would start with the 8th st (because you bound off 7) which is a p1, then go back to k2, p2.

I hope that’s what you mean.

no, it’s not ribbing, cuz it ends w k1 so when you start back k2p2 you are off center it’s p1 k2 p2(you are looking at) but follow the same pattern across and ends in k1. that’s the way the pattern is same every row. So when i bo/ i just followed the pattern, and the first row is ok, but coming back it gets off. Understandd?
pattern: k2p2 across ending in k1. turn k2p2 ending in k1. the k1 at the end makes it ofset but makes a pretty pattern, just goofs me up with binding off.

Okay, a broken rib pattern then. But you still start the rows after the BO row on what would be the 8th stitch (because you’re missing the first 7) which should be p1, then do k2, p2 across until you run out of sts.

ok, that I did the first row across. then turned, bound off 7 starting after with p1 but it seemed as the rows went on the pattern went off at an angle. I’ll go do the first two rows of binding off and see where I go from there.
it seems easy enough when I read it, but did it 5/6 times and it was off ea time.

ok, i started working on it, it might be i’m not bo correctly. I k2 yo, p1 yo, p1 yo, k1 yo, k1 yo, p1 yo. that’s 7 with one p st on needle. then I p1 k2 p2 on to end. except the end was p1. I’m sure this was where I goofed up. starting the bo row 3

By YO do you mean passing the stitch over? There’s no YOs in the pattern, they add stitches, you should be casting off, which will result in 7 sts less at the beginning of the rows. Your work should look like this…


or something along those lines. Maybe you need to look at the video for BO/cast off.

ok, i checked the bo and i did it right, just my terminology was incorrect. in the bo/ i k1/ k1 pass stitch over, like it showed. Do i do it thru k1k1p1p1k1k1p1 then go on with the pattern? (which i did) then row 2 i did th 7 bo/ and followed pattern to the end, but it’s here that after i bo, i think i am not starting the pattern at the right spot. after the bo 3rd row.

Yep, you BO in k2, p2 ribbing, only after the first 2, it’s one at a time - p1, pass over, p1, pass over, k1 pass over, etc.

What 3rd BO row? How many times do you BO 7 at the beg of the row? Do you have a link to the pattern? Or can you type the shaping instructions only…

i got the pattern off Yarn Lover’s Room it’s : Boy or Girls EASY Vest.
the shape shoulders: bind off 7 sts at beginning of next 6 rows-27sts bind off
but the pattern gets off as i bind off.

Okay then, when you’re at the 3rd row to BO, then you’re really at the 15th st of the k2, p2 repeat, which still really works out to a p1. Don’t forget though, that when you BO 7sts, you have to work the 8th st to get the 7 bound off. That’s the p1 which will leave a loop on your needle. Then the st after that is the 9th and you start with k2. Maybe that’s it, you’re not accounting for the extra stitch you have to do to BO 7.

I bet that’s it! I will try working 8 st to bo 7. thanks a bunch

Ahhh, when you BO sts, you count the number of times you pass the 1st stitch over the next one, not the number of stitches you knit.