Problem with a pattern

What does “yarn over” mean? I’ve been avoiding patterns with this term because I just don’t understand what they mean by it and now I really want to work on an afghan and almost every other stitch is “yarn over”…
Please help!!

basically you are just doing a wrap around the needle. if you go to this page…

and scroll down (they are alphabetical!) you will find a video clip of how to do it for both english (blue) and conti-(pink) knitters. super easy…no reason to avoid it (unless you are like me and don’t want to have to be bothered with thinking about a pattern quite that much!

A yarn over is a way to make a hole and a new stitch at the same time!

OMG, Virtuella, you’re a genius! How did you do that??

I did not do it, I have found this picture on a website some time ago, downloaded the picture to my own site, and upload it to show it to you!!
Dont be impressed!!!